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VIDA Living team visit new Cross Dock Facility in Dukinfied
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Elevating the VIDA Experience: Vida Living Ireland & UK Operations Teams combine to launch New UK Cross Dock Facility

Following a period change to our UK and Ireland operational structure in 2023, our Ireland operations team visited our new Cross Dock Facility in Dukinfield, Manchester. The visit showcased our commitment to operational excellence...

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Quoting David Caffrey, Co-CEO at VIDA Living:

“It was fantastic to take the opportunity for our UK and Ireland operations teams to come together for a collaborative workshop session at our new Cross Dock Facility and to discuss how we can improve and enhance our processes to give our customers an even better VIDA Experience. The changes we implemented to our operational model earlier in 2023 proved challenging for our entire operations team. There has been an incredible amount of work and effort put in by the team led by Brendan and Marc, their combined leadership and collaboration ensured that challenges were dealt with in a timely and proactive manner. We have proven that the model is successful. We now look forward to continuing to work together to refine and improve the process and foster a one-team approach in serving our UK customers. This will allow us to further improve our customer services in 2024 with a fantastic and united operations team around us.”

Operational Consolidation and Success:

David Caffrey’s words reflect the excitement and optimism surrounding the changes implemented in 2023. By consolidating our operational model, we have not only achieved improved efficiencies but set the stage for continuous improvement and a real team ethos. The visit served as a collaborative platform for our teams to discuss and strategise ways to further enhance our processes.

Team Collaboration for Customer Satisfaction:

The unity of our UK and Ireland operations teams underlines the significance of teamwork at VIDA Living. By fostering collaboration, we aim to create an environment where ideas flow seamlessly, leading to improvements that directly impact our customers. The commitment to enhancing the VIDA Experience was palpable throughout the tour.

Live Demonstration: A Glimpse into Operational Excellence:

The live demonstration of our Ireland to UK process added a layer of transparency to our operations. Witnessing the journey of customer orders in real-time reinforced the precision and dedication embedded in our operational procedures. It was a testament to our commitment to providing customers with a seamless and reliable shopping experience.

Looking Ahead to 2024:

We are eagerly anticipating the opportunities that 2024 holds for VIDA Living. With a successful operational model in place and a dedicated and united operations team, our focus remains on elevating customer services. The commitment to improvement is ingrained in our culture, and we are poised to implement further enhancements that will undoubtedly contribute to a fantastic VIDA Experience for our valued customers.

The visit of our Ireland operations team to the new Cross Dock Facility in Dukinfield, Manchester, was not just a tour; it was a celebration of achievements, collaboration, and a shared commitment to excellence. David Caffrey’s words resonate with the spirit of progress at VIDA Living. As we reflect on our successful operational changes in 2023, we look forward to the future with enthusiasm, driven by the belief that our fantastic operations team will continue to raise the bar for customer satisfaction in 2024 and beyond.

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